Tuesday, 15 May 2012



Dear Friends,
The Palestinian Prisoners on Hunger Strike need your immediate attention! They are close to death! Please share this update with others to spread awarness about the longest and largest hunger strike in history!

Bilal Thiab: 76 Days
Thaer Halahleh: 76 Days
Hassan Safadi: 70 Days
Omar Abu Shallal: 68 Days
Mohammedd Al-Taj: 60 Days
Mahmoud Sarsak: 54 Days
Faris Al-Natur: 47 Days
Ja'far Ezz Al-Din: 53 Days
Abdallah Al-Barghouthi: 32 Days
More than 2,000 Prisoners: 27 Days

Please help raise awarenes. Don't allow the Western Media to burry the case of these humans. They are asking for the most basic human rights as prisoners of war! Rights that are declared by International Law! With that said, "Give me DIGNITY, or give me death!"

So guys lets be in this Solidarity with Palestinian Prisoners by showing our support by changing our profile picture in Facebook or other social networks with this pictures..or you can search others...



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